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WE bonded together the night I arrived at your door,
I knew immediately this was my "Forever Home", forever more.
I had the run of the house, and when I wanted to rest,
THE bear skin rug is what I loved best.

I loved to ride, that was my special treat;
YOU always took me, as I toured from the back seat.
NO matter how far or long we did roam,
IT was always best coming back home.

MY 13th birthday came complete with cake and toys,
YOU made my life whole, fun and full of joys!
THEN my legs got weary, I could no longer run;
WALKING was hard, my running days were done.

MY heart was old and could not function right,
EVERY time you felt it triple beat, it gave you a fright.
MY time finally came, we said our good-byes thru tears,
OH, but what wonderful memories we will hold dear.

I'm now at the Bridge resting, I've laughed and now sighed,
Thanks, Mom, for all your love and for the best "Final Ride".

6/10/96 - 9/28/09
Rest in Peace, My Beautiful Kirill........Rest In Peace

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