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Hannah (Pickle Hill Rozah)
I fell in love with the Borzoi breed after meeting a work friend’s gorgeous white female. I had 4 greyhounds at the time, and no room for more, so every year I’d go to the dog show in Boston just to watch the Borzoi in the ring. Finally, about 10 years later, and down to 2 greyhounds, it was time for me to add a borzoi to my pack.
In May of 2011, my friend and I took an 8 hour drive to northern VA to meet Hannah and Smiley, also a PH rescue. Both were gorgeous but incredibly shy and fearful. I almost left with the two of them, but Smiley wasn’t ready. Hannah had progressed nicely with her foster mom over several months, and was more ready for a forever home, and so the next day, we packed her up and drove her back to Massachusetts.
Hannah was stunningly gorgeous, but incredibly shy. With patience and love, little bits of her sweet and silly soul were revealed to me. She trusted me quickly, that much I knew, but was slow to receive love, much less show it. She got along but never really bonded with my two greyhounds, who sadly left us unexpectedly within a week of each other in 2012. After that, Hannah truly bonded with me and I with her. She was silly, demanded attention, and loved to be loved – if you were in her inner circle. Besides me, there were just 6 other people who ever saw the real Hannah. She befriended my friend’s Saluki as her BFF, and it was so charming to watch their interactions. With strangers, or in strange surroundings, she tried to be invisible – that’s the only way I can describe it. I know her past contributed to her incredible fear, and all I wanted was to show her all the love she deserved, which I did every day I was fortunate enough to have her with me.
In March of 2016, a bump on her leg that did not heal had me fear the worst, and sadly, yes, it was the dreaded osteosarcoma. The trip to the vet for the biopsy was terrifying for her, and I knew I could not subject her to surgery and treatment. I spoiled her rotten for another month, and when she could not stand, it was time to say goodbye.
I miss her beyond words, and as much as my heart is broken from having our time together cut short, I will be forever grateful to NBRF and Michael Owen for trusting me with my beautiful Hannah. Mary Campagnolo

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