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I lost my beloved Cody on August 3, 2022. He was a NBRF rescue with multiple physical and conformational issues. His back end was stiff and inflexible and he could not wag his tail. And he was blind.
Cody was four years old when he came to me from an indifferent breeding facility. He had never been inside a home, had never seen a vet, had never been groomed. He was kenneled with the other intact males where he had to fend for himself for food and water. I allowed Cody to roam and discover throughout the house and fenced yard and to come and go as he pleased through the doggie doors. It was six months before he realized that a gentle human hand could feel really, really good and that there were such things as love and kindness. It was heartbreaking for me to see a Sighthound that could not see and could not run, but after Cody learned his way around the property I would watch with tears in my eyes as he romped and played with my other Borzois.

It's not an easy decision to take in a 110 pound, physically disabled animal, but I never once regretted the extra work on my part. Cody was without a doubt the sweetest creature I have ever known and he had a profound impact on my life. Perhaps caring for a disabled animal teaches us to be humble and makes us realize how very lucky we are. I was blessed by my six years with Cody and with the honor of holding him close as he passed. It truly made me wonder: Who rescued who?

Run free my love... Judy McHale (Cody passed away August 2022)

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