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Goodbye Chief
My heart is broken to share that Chief left this world at 11am on Saturday Nov. 6, exactly 6 years after being rescued from death row 2015 at Ozato dog pound, Okinawa Japan. Hail to the Chief! Severely under weight, mast cell tumors, urinating blood with bladder stones....No one knows how long Chief had been on the street. Through all this trauma Chief had an amazing positive attitude and endearing personality. Good luck brought Chief to me. He was scheduled to enter US via San Francisco but his transporter could not come through. He was rerouted through Atlanta where I was to be his foster parent. The moment our eyes met, we fell in love and we belonged to each other. He was part of my pack 3 months shy of 6 years. He was a loving companion to my other two zoi, Sweets and Tala. My heartful thanks goes to Donna McMahon Stock and her team of Japanese based rescuers (Kate, Angelina and Jessica). And of course to my friend and then President of National Borzoi Rescue Foundation, Carol Backers, who broke the rules and allowed Chief, a mixed zoi, into the NBRF program. You ladies not only changed Chief's life, you changed mine too. Donna Lynes-Miller

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