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Grace's Fund

This is not about what a culture eats or doesn't eat but, the condition a living being is kept in and the manner in which it dies. A product of the China meat market, Grace was heavily pregnant while being weighed at the butchers. She gave birth to four pups in the dark, filthy confines of a cell, sick and alone. On behalf of the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation International, Candy Cane Rescue purchased her, saving them from slaughter in a nick of time. Many more have and still do languish in those same conditions. Borzoi like Grace, their fate determined by funds available to buy their freedom. Grace succumbed to distemper under a vet's care just days after her rescue. One by one, after the following piece in her honor was written, the pups joined their mother at the bridge.




"Her name was Grace.  A name she carried for just a short while.  We can only speculate where she came from.  How long had she spent alone, trying to survive the indifference of man?  At the mercy of an uncaring world, she suffered. 


Her name was Grace.  Maybe the first she’d ever had.  Hers’ is a story of the worst and the best of humanity.  She ripped away our ability to deny that such cruelty exists and showed us what true compassion looks like. 


Her name was Grace.  Hers’ were the videos we watched with heartache.  The updates we read with hope.  The grief we now feel.  Her beautiful spirit shone through her desperate circumstance.  And we loved her for it.  Hers’ is the story of many that have been and many still in need.  


Rescue is never a futile effort, the best of humanity reaching out with many hands to comfort, to heal and to show love.  But, for this girl it came too late.    


Her name was Grace.  Grace, who brought hearts together from around the planet.  Grace, who leaves behind a legacy of hope in her pups and the remembrance of her story.  Tell her story.  Remember her name and hope that someday, somehow it will have helped bring an end to the horrors she endured.  Do not let her to have died in silence."       K Watts



Grace's fund was created in her memory so that no Borzoi would have to live and die enduring the horror of a meat market.


Funds are used for the purchase, veterinary care and transportation of Borzoi found surviving in these conditions.


Please do not let Grace and her pups to have died in vain. 


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