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Help for you and your Borzoi

If you are reading this, it is likely you are facing some very difficult decisions for yours as well as your Borzoi's future. We can help. You may have more options than you think. Our goal is to help you keep your Borzoi but if that is not possible, there are options.

First, contact your breeder to see if she or he can or will take you Borzoi back. It may be that you will only need them to keep your dog for a short time until you are able to find housing that will allow you to have your dog. A reasonable time would be 3 months. If your breeder is not able to assist you with this, please contact NBRF. We may be able to help provide foster housing for your Borzoi. You will be expected to pay any bills incurred on behalf of your dog such as medical needs and food and your dog will need to be current on all vaccinations and heart worm negative. You will need to supply Vet records and HW preventative for the duration of your dog's stay. Your Borzoi should be presented to the breeder or foster home clean, free of fleas, ticks and worms.

If foster care is not an option for your Borzoi, again, please call your breeder first and offer your Borzoi back to their breeder. Going "home" to the dog's breeder is not a bad thing. Honestly, it's like going home for your dog. They were born at the breeders. They will remember their breeder and the home where they were born. It is likely some of the dogs who were there at the time they were born may still be there. Dogs do remember. Your breeder's home or kennel will be a familiar place to the dog and after a short period of readjusting, your Borzoi will be fine.

If you can not locate your Borzoi's breeder, please contact NBRF. We can help there also. Please do not be embarrassed to make that call! There is no need, we do understand that things change in people's lives and times right now are difficult. We understand and so does your dog's breeder. We are all here to help our Borzoi and truly the bottom line for all of us is the welfare of the dogs.

If you do not know who your Borzoi's breeder is or you have a problem with returning your dog to it's breeder, please contact NBRF. We are here for your Borzoi. We may have homes in your area who are looking to adopt. Or, you may need to surrender your Borzoi into rescue. That's OK. That's why we are here.


You are not the first and you are not the last person or family needing to place your Borzoi into rescue. We understand what it's like to have to part with your Borzoi who has been a loving and much loved member of your family. At this time, things may seem to be out of your control but you do still have control of the rest of your Borzoi's life so please, let us help to insure that the rest of your Borzoi's life is exactly what you want for him or her. That's our job and we do it well.

What not to do

Please, do NOT take your Borzoi to an animal shelter or pound.

Please do not give the dog to a friend or neighbor unless you are positive they know the dog well, already love your Borzoi and are well aware of the special needs and requirements of our breed and your dog. If you decide to place your Borzoi with someone you know. please give them NBRF's information so if things do not work out, they will contact us. We have gotten numerous Borzoi into rescue because of these exact circumstances.


Please do NOT advertise in the paper or any of the internet lists. There are to many people out there who get dogs for all the wrong reasons and you have no way to check them out. There are also many people who "shop" these lists for free to good home ads or cheap dogs who will turn around and sell your dog to brokers or into research.

Please, give your Borzoi the best possible chance at a new life with a family who will love and treasure it for the rest of it's life. A family or person who will love your Borzoi as do you. Love your Borzoi enough to do what is best for it. We know it's probably one of the hardest things you will ever have to do but you can sleep at night knowing your Borzoi is safe, happy and much loved.

Domestic violence situations

If you, a friend or relative are in a situation involving domestic violence and have to leave suddenly, there is help for your Borzoi.


We realize many times there is no time to call and ask rescue for help so we are giving you the option of dropping your Borzoi off at any Veterinarian and giving the office the NBRF toll free number 1-844-627-3964 (844-NBRF-ZOI). Tell them to call and assure them NBRF will take responsibility for your Borzoi.


Provide them with any and all information about your dogs if it is not your regular Veterinarian. It is also important to provide them with your dog's names, age/s and breeder. NBRF will take it from there.


By taking the Borzoi to a Veterinarian's office, you are assuring rescue can get their hands on them and to safety. If you take them to a shelter, you run the risk of rescue not being able to get them out. You also run the risk of your Borzoi being euthanized before rescue even finds out about them.

There is no shame in doing what ever you have to do to get yourself, possibly your children and your dogs out of danger and no questions will be asked. If at a later time you are able to call NBRF that is fine but we do realize many times people have nowhere to go except a shelter designed for these situations. You may not be allowed any outside contact for your own safety. Please put our toll free number in your wallet, the glove box of your car or any safe place you can think of so you will always have it with you. Program it into your cell phone with the words ICE, Dog Rescue.

If you are reading this, you may be thinking of getting out of a bad situation but worried about what will happen to your Borzoi. If that is the case, please call the toll free 844-627-3964 number now. If you have time, we can set up a safe place for your Borzoi. Someone can meet you or you can drop them off. But what ever you do, Please do not leave them behind. We will be there for your Borzoi. If you are in a bad situation, Please, grab the kids, dogs and what ever you can and get out. The decision to leave is yours to make. Please do not stay in a situation that is harmful because you do not know what to do with the dogs and fear for them should you have to leave them behind.

There is help for you and your Borzoi. You just have to take that first step.

You can contact NBRF toll free at 844-627-3964 (844-NBRF-ZOI)

You are not alone in this 
we can and will help

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