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Blue Flowers
Debbie Dickey

We are a community, connected by compassion; brought together by our shared love of Borzoi. We celebrate the successes and we share the sorrows. We are family. And our family is less today with the passing of Debbie Dickey.


Newly married and stationed in Hawaii, Debbie suggested that she and Gene adopt their first rescue dog together before they even moved into their first house. And they never looked back!


Passion for their dogs was life long. Beginning with Greyhounds 25 years ago it is probably impossible to figure out the number of dogs that went through their house: their own, fosters and those they sat for friends. Often traveling, always with their dogs, nothing daunted Debbie’s enthusiasm for life. Her spirit remained strong even after an injury placed her in a wheelchair.


Most recently she, Gene and two greyhounds expanded their home to include a Borzoi. After adopting the first Borzoi privately, they were ready and willing to foster NBRF’s Jasper when the call came. It was an anticipated two week stay that turned into a bond that brightened Debbie’s final months immeasurably. Every chance Jasper got, he did something endearing focused on Debbie. Jasper would kiss her face in the morning in bed, took treats from her hand and often tried to get at least half his body on her lap in the wheelchair. When asked if Jasper had found his forever home, Debbie was an emphatic yes! Two beautiful life’s purposes had come together.


How do you sum up an extraordinary life in a few sentences? You don’t. Remember her spirit. Tell her stories. Connect with each other and be grateful for her part in each of your lives. Our sincere sympathies to all who loved Debbie.


Debbie’s husband Gene has asked that if anyone wishes to make a donation in Debbie's name they make that donation to the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation. 

After accessing the donate button you will find a place to tell us that your donation is in memory of Debbie Dickey. With our gratitude 
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