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Hard times no more

Piper fell on hard times early in life. By the time he was nine months old extreme abuse had injured him so severely that femur head removal surgery was necessary for him to have hope of walking again. He forgave but did not forget the tortures he endured, rising to overcome the worst of it and it appears that he was loved and cared for for several years. All that changed about 8 months ago.

Last week NBRF received a call about a Borzoi discovered among several animals suffering from neglect. Barely able to walk, covered in feces, fleas and matts, in a dark room lay Piper. Now at almost 9 years old, hard times had found him again.

Less than 12 hours after receiving the call NBRF placement coordinator Edna Hanley was on scene. “I don’t know how he did it. He was barely able to walk yet he found it in himself to head straight to the car and jump in. He was that desperate to get out of there.”

Priority one was the vet for bloodwork and an exam. He was a Borzoi in very bad condition; emaciated, weak and in pain. A standard fecal could not be done. There was nothing in his system to test, his digestive tract was empty.

Combing, cutting and bathing his coat took hours. The water ran red with flea blood, matts and feces filled a trash bag but a Borzoi began to emerge. Food filled an empty stomach and pain meds eased an aching body. His strong spirit began to shine. This is just the beginning of Piper’s next chapter, one filled with care and love. He will not be leaving Edna’s home and will not be in need again, we promise!!

His recovery will take a long time but Piper is slowly gaining strength, growing curious and more alert. He no longer walks on flat hocks, loves lounging in the sunshine and enjoys regular meals.

Much attention has understandably been paid to NBRF-International’s mission in Ukraine of late. It has not and will not come at the expense of NBRF’s domestic duties. We work for the love of Borzoi - ALL Borzoi in need!

Thank you, Edna, for your devotion. You are Piper’s hero! And in appreciation to the supporters of NBRF here and abroad for being the base from which we work. Thank you for making recoveries like this possible!!

August 7th, 2022 UPDATE

From Edna: "Piper gains more confidence everyday. He loves to be on the front porch and watch the birds and squirrels.

He's gained 4 pounds and recently had the third adequan shot and an increase in pain meds. He moves so much more comfortably and is able to run now!!

The vet does not want to do a dental for at least another month, until he gets stronger, so I’ve been working on his teeth myself. Pretty much have all the plaque off they just need a couple of areas worked on and polished.

Nails are another story. They are taking longer to work with but really aren’t too terribly bad so we’ll get there."

Thank you for this great update, Edna and for your love and patience with this sweet soul ❤️ Good boy, Piper!! Good boy!!

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