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Romeo is a typical, "surf's up, laid back, light another fatty" kinda Cali Dude. He loves his slumber, 12+ hours a day. But when he plays he's all fun. He loves to engage with his adopted family and usually hops and springs around the yard much like "Tigger" from the Pooh stories. He also likes to sneak attack from behind. A kinda nip & run, come get me thing. It's always fun to watch them groom each other, kinda funny too.

He is most loved, and loveable. Likes to greet us with his "Romeo hug". Where he leans into us so hard, it's hard to keep our balance. And he's just a little guy, may 65 lbs! Most often for extended periods of time.

He's always up & ready about 15 minutes before "Mommadog" (Dalene) gets home for work. usually outside at the fence gate peering out, anxious for her arrival. Make no mistake, these are HER DOGS! The dogs have free run in & out of the heated mudroom, weather permitting.

He is also quite the accomplished thief. We buy large raw beef knuckle bones and cook them with the other meats for their " Gourmet Dog Juice". We usually take 1-2 bones for each, as they love to chew on them & lick the marrow out of the center. That's quite the show by itself, watching them go deep with their tongue, trying to rip the bone apart with their paws going for more marrow. Our big boy Ridge can totally consume, grind down to small kernels, a large (softball size) knuckle bone, to nothing in a couple of days! They all love to gnaw on their big bones.

They all have a propensity to go from one bone to the other when they think there is more on another bone. Romeo likes to sneak up and steal the unattended bones from the other dogs. He usually has a pile around him of 5 or six. In 1 of the pictures attached attached, he is just beginning his hoard.

He is sometimes quite the eater, but slooooooooooooooooooooooow. When any of the other dogs would finish early and approach his bowl he would respond like a guard dog on violent offender, but never biting anyone. Just letting them know his food is his!

The Cali Dude does not like snow!. Often won't get up to go out for relief for hours when its below 30.

Other than that, he's a great little dude, loves his family, loves to play with them (when he's awake) and always has a very happy, tail waggin attitude.

He is, by all accounts a typical Borzoi................................if there is such a thing!

Thanks again, I can only wish that all Borzoi Rescue parents can enjoy the love and happiness they bring to our lives. A special thanks to Edna & Fred Hanley, 2 saints that can't be rewarded enough for their kindness and sacrifice for others, including the animals. Without their guidance and support, we would never have been Borzoi Rescue Mission recipients

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