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“Hope” came to live with us through the wonderful work of NBRF.

She was fostered by absolute saintly people – Deb and Randy Thomas of DeSoto, Kansas – who helped rescue dogs from Pickle Hill and took Hope under their wings until she could find her forever home.

When Carla and I learned from NBRF that Hope was looking for a permanent family, we arranged to meet her at the Thomas’ place and took along our 13-year old Queen Borzoi, Katia, so that the two could meet and Katia could “approve” the adoption.

The two black and white Borzois took a walk around the Thomas’ pond together with Carla and me, and then Katia gave “princess” Hope her blessings as our newest family member.

Supposedly, “Hope” had no name at Pickle Hill, so she was given the name “Hope” because it was “hoped” that someone would adopt her….

We renamed her NADIA, which is Russian for “Hope”, and she has been with us ever since.

Nadia is now twelve years old and still going strong.

She has always been a shy little girl, except around her newest BIG brother, Barsky (also a NBRF adoptee), whom she loves to play with out in our backyard.

He’s fifty pounds bigger that Nadia, but they are best buddies!

Nadia was the “poster child” on the mailing we did for a Valentine’s fundraiser “Borzoi Home Tour” several years ago to benefit NBRF and Operation Wildlife.

Attendees got to meet and touch several Borzois at our house and to appreciate the most beautiful breed on earth!

My family loves to celebrate birthdays!

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