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I am Alina, one of the shyest Borzoi ever! I started life as one of the Pickle Hill dogs. When I was either two or three years old, I was put into foster care with Liz. Unbeknownst to me an application had been made for me to move to Canada and before I knew it, I travelled all the way to North Vancouver from Illinois. What a trip! I have to admit that my shyness made it difficult to get to know me, but my family got a second dog - Sasha- from Thurston County to help me settle in. It worked, as Sasha was a great big bouncy love bug, who taught me many things, including playing with toys, sleeping on the big couch and loving going for long walks in the North Shore Mountains. Now I live with Brienne and James who are TC rescues and life is good. I am a bit older, possibly 12 or 13, but I am still going strong. My walks are a bit shorter and I spend more time on the couch, but I still have time to way my tail and insist on body rubs

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