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Barbara Tyler Lord

As a child, I rescued and helped every animal that I found or heard about that was in need of love, care and attention. To this day, animals continue to play a huge part in my life. I acquired my first borzoi in 1973, and in 1981, together with my husband, Frederick Lord, DVM (aka Doc) we purchased two Borzoi from the Thompson’s of Dana Dan Borzoi. 

Under the Warwind prefix our life with Borzoi has always been a family affair! Our children, and our oldest granddaughter continue to be engaged in all aspects of life with sighthounds (raising, caring for, training, showing and loving them).

My involvement with Borzoi and the caring and assistance for animals in need has never wavered, as my husband (a licensed Veterinarian, and for years a state certified humane officer) and I continue to care for, protect and rehabilitate animals in need.

 As to NBRF, early on when under the direction of Carol Backers, our family benefited personally from NBRF’s caring assistance when Carol helped spread the word when two of our young Borzoi were accidentally let out of a gate. Shortly thereafter, our ‘runaways’ were found and brought home safe. From that point on our family assisted NBRF every chance we have had. 

I am honored to be a member of the team that makes up the wonderful organization known as the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation.

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