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We have so much fun stuff to report about our Rocky😍. He has so much personality and is such a vibrant guy. He is the most loving and smart fella. Every time he hears the garage sensor, he runs to the back door to greet Rob when he gets home from work… it is all fine until it is mowing day and the sensor goes off every minute until the front yard is mowed, very confusing for him😂. Rocky loves to have something in his mouth, whether it is a rope toy, your hand or the leash while he is walking himself😍. He is one of the most athletic dogs I have ever had. He bounces straight up in the air, easily has all fours 5’ off the ground.

He is a hunter and a warrior! RC cars and sprinklers have no chance!

He loves to cook! This is his favorite dish, the burrito bed! He loves to share his burrito with bestie Metro.

He is also an Olympian… he loves to walk along things, here he is practicing the balance beam on the fireplace and on the bench.
He’s also pretty convinced that we humans have this all wrong, shower stalls are for napping.

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