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Neva aka Solo

It wasn't in the plan to adopt a borzoi, but during covid we lost 3 of our 4 Spanish galgos and we had an empty house.
So when foster homes were needed for a group of borzoi, I was like, it can't hurt...
Famous last words.

I have always been a sighthound lover, makes sense when one runs a galgo rescue, but I have shared my life also with greyhounds, a whippet and an afghan and several lurchers.
Whenever possible, while still living in the Netherlands, you could find me with my camera taking pictures of sighthounds lure coursing.
So I had met my fair share of borzoi.

And still, my first thought when I met Solo and Sonata was, right, they are big, really big!
Yeah, we ended up with fostering 2 sisters.
They looked so similar and they did everything together, I had a hard time keeping them apart.
But soon it turned out there was a distinct difference between the two. Sonata was the outgoing one, the leader, the more confident one, Solo was softer, more shy.
But together they were a force to be reckoned with. Since they had grown up together, they acted as a pack and hunted together. Not a good idea when there is also a little dog, so Sonata went to another foster home and Solo stayed. And as I had hoped, Solo no longer felt the need to hunt our little dog and this was a good thing, because I had fallen head over heels with this girl.

As I said, I had never planned to adopt a borzoi, but sometimes you don't get to choose.
Solo stayed and is now Neva, a name I picked since they work in both Russian and Spanish, Russian for the river, Spanish for snow.
From being skin over bone, she now is approaching 70 pounds and she is still growing. Yet she still is a lapdog.
Every morning she greets me by giving me a borzoi hug. If she gets the chance, she will lick my eyeballs. She's the best leaner and cuddler ever.

She still is a shy dog when it comes to strangers. This summer she refused to go out at night since the bugs freaked her out. During walks outside the house, she will still sometimes melt to a puddle.

She may be a big dog, but she is not even 2 years old and still has some puppy behavior.
She loves chewing wood and drywall
Unfortunately. At times she doesn't know how big she is and gets stuck under another dog.

She has gotten used to the fact that we always have fosters. And her and the little one get along really well now.
She plays chase with her galgo sister and adores her new brother, a confident, calm galgo male.

She's a joy to have around and makes me smile every day.

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