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Misha aka Cosmos (Russia)

First it was just me, then Bradley came as a foster and he got to stay and be my brother!

Happy 6th birthday, Misha!! 🥳🎉

From his forever family Brooke Sabin and Jeff Watts: "We've had Misha for about two years now, and he's our beloved boy! After he first arrived from Russia, most of his fur fell out from the stresses of the long trip and the big changes—poor guy! But it grew back beautifully, and he now has the softest, shiniest coat.

And we've gotten to know all his funny little quirks. He likes his private time on the basement futon and then will emerge to greet us with a huge toothy grin, like he just remembered that we live there too.

Every morning he stands at the living room window wagging his tail as he watches the car tailgate open, anticipating his visit to the park. Most Saturdays he joins my hiking group on treks through the woods and fields. Once I naively tried to turn back early, but that was not happening. There was no way he was leaving the pack!

He also loves squirrels, nature shows on TV, and eating whenever and whatever he can. I think he's trying to become the world's first fat borzoi! 😂 He's a joy, and we're so grateful that NBRF brought him into our life."

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