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Boris aka Bach

My brothers and I can go outside anytime we want, we have our own door. How great is that!! I love to lay in the rain, but my brothers always run back into the house. My parents keep calling me to come in, but I like the rain. They are happy when I do come inside and I am too, because I get a nice long rub down with a fluffy towel.
One of my favorite things to play with is toilet paper, I can run it through the house and make everything look pretty. I don’t understand why the doors are now closed and keeping me from my favorite toy.
My most import duty in my new home is to make sure that my people are ok. When it is dark out and they are not moving or talking, I make sure that they are ok. First I use my nose, it goes in the face and if that doesn’t do anything I will jump on top of them. That’s when I know that they are “ok”. After I get my ears and head rub, I go back to bed for a few hours until it is time to check on them again. I love my job!

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