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Zoya aka TN Zora

It has been a few weeks since I was rescued from my former home and then I had to spend some time in the animal shelter which was much better than where I had been, but still not so great – but for the last 3 weeks I have been in a real home!!!!My wonderful foster mom came and got me and drove me to her house, where I have a 4 legged foster sister, a human foster mom, dad and brother. They are all really nice to me. They give me lots of love and say nice things to me and give me lots of cuddles. My foster mom had to give me a couple of baths to get all the stains out and make my fur nice and white, I didn’t mind the baths I like smelling nice and clean, but the brushing I was not so fond of. So many firsts – being clean! Having a soft bed! Walking around in the yard! Having a friend! Rolling on my back in sheer happiness! Seeing a lake! There are a lot more to come. I hear I have a furever home in Florida where I will be going soon, I will have my very own mom and dad and a Borzoi sister and some cats – not sure what they are but I guess I will find out. Thanks again for making my rescue possible and remember every little bit helps, we can all do something to make a difference – you all sure made a difference for me. I will let you know how things are going in my new home once I get settled. Love Zora

Zora here or TN Zora as I shall be known for a bit (you will see why) Oh my goodness such an exciting day I have had! Mama Sandra got me up really early and we got to go for a long car ride. She was kind of happy and kind of sad, she talked to me the whole way, telling me what a lucky girl I am and how much she loved me and how much she was going to miss me and how I was on a journey to my furever home. I didn't exactly understand but she explained although she loved me very much her job was to get me ready to be with my forever people and she had to let me go as sad as it was so that she could help other dogs on their journeys to their forever homes. I got to meet so many interesting people today. I even got to meet a Scottish Deerhound who was on his own journey to his forever home. We got to ride together a while before we went our separate ways.I love car rides and I love meeting new people, it was a long day from Tennessee to Florida but I had fun and guess what I got to meet another Zora! She is in rescue too and she is FL Zora, although she is going all the way to Washington state and soon will be WA Zora then and I will be FL Zora. Tomorrow I get to meet my new mom at this really cool bed and breakfast that is run by borzoi (ok the 2 leggeds think they run it, but we know who really runs it) and then I will go to meet my new sister! I will let you know how that goes. FL Zora soon to be WA Zora is going to send you photos of her trip from Florida to Washington! Us Zora's really know how to get around!

Hi TN Zora here, I know you have been waiting for an update from me, sorry, it takes a bit to get settled in. My new name is Zoya, so you won’t get me confused with the other Zora (even though we don’t look anything alike). My home is beautiful, my mom and dad are really nice, I like to follow mom around. My sister Mia is quite shy and a little bit afraid me, I don’t know why – but that will change soon. She disappears sometimes and I can’t find her, there are these weird things that I think they are called stairs – I don’t know how to use them but she does. I will figure them out sooner or later. We also have this big pool of water at the house, I was doing my thing, racing around the yard and next thing I knew I was in the water! Lucky it wasn’t very deep and I could easily pull myself out. Not sure, but I may check it out and do some swimming, I hear there are dock diving borzoi in Florida. I also wanted to post some photos of the fabulous bed and breakfast that I told you about that is run by borzois. If you are ever in Mount Dora Florida or close by you have to check it out, tell them Zoya sent you. More soon
P.S. Turns out I am cat friendly

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