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Top of the morning to you all- Solomon here - Today I want to wish you all a happy St. Patrick's Day and to let you know what is going on with me. I have been in my home for exactly one month now and it feels like I have been here forever! I mean that in a good way, this is my home and where I was always meant to be. I am still learning lots, and it has been fun. I have a great teacher my humans of course, but my big sister Kira is a great role model and has really shown me the ropes. I sit and wait to be fed, I don't counter surf (well there is nothing to surf anyway-these people leave nothing out) and I don't beg at the table - I go in the other room with Ted and Kira and wait until Mom and Dad are done eating. I get lots of exercise - boy does my mom like to walk. We walk and walk and walk. I like it though I get to meet lots of new people and dogs and I am a bit of a celebrity. I have even been asked to be in the local dog show so that people can see what a Borzoi looks like. I have not conquered the bed yet - I come in every once in awhile to check but the answer is always no, luckily I have my couch and chair. More later - by the way in case you didn't know if you aren't wearing green today, every time your dog touches you he/she gets a treat. St. Paddy's rules.

Hi it’s Solomon – I wanted to give you an update, it has been 3 months since I arrived in Port Alberni. Boy am I glad I came when I did otherwise I might have had to spend the trip sleeping in the car with those crazy ladies that drove me all the way here. Everything is going well I have almost got everyone trained. I get to go for long walks everyday and I have made lots of new friends except for this one poodle (eye roll). I have a beautiful garden to hang out in and have taught my mom my favorite game – tug of war – I do have to let her win sometimes though (don’t tell her) so she doesn’t get discouraged and stop playing with me. All in all I couldn’t be happier, I hope all of you are staying safe out there

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