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Sasha aka Fiona

Hi it's Fiona! I have been at my furever home for a week now. I have a new name too, I am now Sasha. I really like it here, there are dog beds in every room! I even have one in my Mom's office so I can help her work and I must say I am a very big help. I even have my own bedroom with a people bed that I can sleep on but I prefer to sleep in my Mom and Dad's room, I like to be close to my peeps! One of my favorite things is that now I live in the city and I get to sit by the window and watch all the people and dogs and cars go by, it is so interesting and different than the farm. I will keep you posted - catch you later

look at Sasha formerly Fiona at the beach. This girl has really blossomed, thanks to her wonderful mom and dad (and 24/7 togetherness) There are going to be a lot of sad pups when mom and dad stop working from home

I even have my own Instagram page now - check it out sashatheborzoi

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