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Mishka aka Mischa

We always love hearing from our new adoptive families on how well their borzoi is doing in their new home. Lana sent this update on Misha.
Misha is living a good life now. As soon as I saw his picture I fell in love with him and knew he was meant to be in my home. I was told that he had an aggressive behavior but the only aggressive behavior I've seen is an over zealousness of "air licking". Who would want to suppress his exuberant dancing around at dinner time? Who would want to tie him down so they couldn't see the joy of him rolling in the grass and sunning himself in the yard? The first time he showed me his full set of teeth, smiling, he and I both knew he had arrived home. Thank you, NBRF.
Lana just sent us another note on Mischa and here it is: His foster mom sent me the most beautiful pictures of Misha (now to be Mishka), and it was love at first sight. How lucky am I to get this boy that needed a home? My drive to Connecticut was filled with anticipation. What a big space he had to fill, for I had just lost one of my other NBRF rescues. Upon his arrival he and Maksim (another NBRF success story, rescued from China) get along famously. He has fit in beautifully, dances with joy at supper time, leisurely lays in the sun and rolls in the grass. His "air licks" are so heartwarming, and the first time he showed me his full set of teeth in a smile I knew that he was home. Such a perfect fit, thank you NBRF, you've done it again, for the fourth time!

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