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Hi, I'm Mila (Mee-la), formerly Malea. I'm 3-4 years old, just a petite girl at 55 lbs, & I came from a terrible hoarding situation. I'm afraid of all people, noise, and movements - basically everything, & I bark at everyone I see, even if they are some distance away. I trust no one but my mom, but from where I came from, do you blame me?! I'm trying really hard to work on this, and mom's really patient with me working on all my issues. She thinks I'm just as sweet as can be, & of course I absolutely love hugs & cuddles - oh, and beds, and grooming, & who knew you can get treats, just for being me?! (Mom calls it training....) I love doing zoomies, and when I'm done, I plop upside down at mom's feet for an expected belly rub - makes mom laugh - she thinks there is a goofball inside me just dying to get out! We also take several walks a day... I went from shaking while putting on my walking gear, to standing patiently at the door while getting ready. I love going on walks, but there's so much to take in out there & I'm still very nervous but am getting better going out into that great big world! When I see dogs, I get so excited and want to be with them. I think having a more stable doggie pal will help me out a great deal. (I think mom went through something similar with her last Borzoi pair, and the outgoing and goofy personality of the one greatly helped the other insecure one.) I think I need to talk mom into looking into getting us another member of our family!

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