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Lana (Russia)

The trip home was long, but Lana rode really well in the car. She had two comfy dog beds to curl up on and she slept 95% of the way home. She was a bit wary of myself and travel companion (my mother, Sharlene). She wasn’t sure who we were or where we were going, but she was still pleasant and tolerated us talking sweetly to her and offering pets as she allowed. She wanted to stay in the minivan when we arrived at the hotel in Denton. It took quite a bit of effort (and a few bribes) to get her out. The next morning, she didn’t want to leave the hotel. She watched us with her eyes as she lay flat on her side and made absolutely no movement to get up from the floor. We were patient with her and let her make the moves. This trait has continued at the house at times. It makes us giggle and she does eventually move when she makes up her mind to do so.
Once we got home, the introduction with Guthrie was pretty exciting. Both Lana and Guthrie were on high alert, but not in a negative way. They smelled each other and took a nice run around the yard before getting them settled within the house. She’s found her “spot” in the dining room with Guthrie having his “spot” in the living room. Once the curiosity wore off, they’ve kept to themselves. They don’t actively avoid each other, but also don’t seek each other out.
It took a day or two for her to finally start wagging her tail and seeming more at ease. When her tail gets going, it makes full circles. It’s pretty cute. She’s starting to greet me in the morning by burying her head in my lap to show and receive affection. She’s happy to see my parents when they’ve come over to visit. She’s starting to run around the yard on occasion; it’s so fun to watch. Man, she’s quick! She’s met a few of my friends and doesn’t seem scared; she walks right up to check them out to see if they have anything tasty for her.
She’s eating well and hasn’t had any issues with loose stools. She takes treats so gently.
I got her into the vet and they didn’t find any issues. I’ve got all her meds ready to go.
She’s been an absolute pleasure and I’m so happy that her forever home is with me.

Warms our heart to see another NBRF dog in the perfect home with her buddy, Guthrie. Thank you Guthrie and Erica for opening up your home and heart to Lana xxoo

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