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NBRF Rescue Borzoi Pupdates

Updated: Jan 23

At the core of NBRF is the Borzoi, that magical creature who captures our hearts; inspiring us to willingly go beyond what we think possible. The shared triumphs and tragedies that move us to shout with joy, the stories that bring out the best in our community and those that crush our hearts.

Where Are They Now?

Their stories all begin with one thing in common - they need help. The reason varies but the response of NBRF is the same. Get them safe, get them vetted, get them home. Transport, foster, forever, the volunteers of NBRF run to the rescue and get it done!

These are the "afters" - the "Happily Ever Afters" - the stories of growth - of dedication, persistence and love. Families who open their hearts and homes with patience and security; the Borzoi who learn to trust again, blossom and grow. These are the stories of rescue... Borzoi Rescue.

Join NBRF in our mission, adopt, foster, volunteer, donate. Sometimes the difference between life and death is you.



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