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NBRF Pupdate - Skye

"Skye, formerly named Vivaldi, was part of the Boston Pups rescue by NBRF in March of 2021. He was first fostered in a loving home in NY State and made his way to our small farm in Central Maine in May 2021 thanks to Marybeth who still checks in to see how her favorite Borzoi foster is doing.

Skye was a little insecure when first arriving here in Maine. His tendencies for separation anxiety were often very challenging for his people. He had many vices as puppies often do and did not understand boundaries as he would occasionally end up on top of the kitchen table! He was very proud of his accomplishments especially his climbing abilities, despite our concerns for his safety 😊

To encourage Skye to become comfortable with his forever home, his new people, and his new best friend Brava, spent many hours working with him to gain his trust. This included providing him with a dedicated safe play area in the yard with 6 & 7 foot fences, lots and lots of leash time, crate training combined with much love and understanding.

Skye has always been a very loving and affectionate dog and simply needed stability and a permanent forever home in a secure environment. He is a confident and funny BIG fella who just wants to be with his people and Brava. He enjoys the company of the Scottish Highland Cattle that he shares his farm with and will play bow to try to get their attention. When he is not hanging out on the farm, he enjoys riding in the car and going for hikes. He has brought many smiles to us with his funny habits (no longer bad vices) and his personality.

Skye has truly found his forever home thanks to NBRF and foster mom Marybeth."

What a magnificent boy! Look what love does ❤ Your patience and dedication to him brought out his best. Thank you Jacqueline, Joe and Brava for opening your hearts and home to this sweet, handsome fellow!



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