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NBRF - International Pupdate - Zorka

Littermate to Zorya, NBRF - International rescue Zorka was feral upon arrival from Russia, unable to cope with the changes in her life. These precious little girls had had no positive experiences with humans to draw on. They lived in horrendous conditions that will affect them for the rest of their lives. We are grateful beyond measure for the patience and dedication of their forever families that are giving them the chance, on their own terms, to experience a life of love and security.

"Zorka is doing well, still slow to adjust and warming up to Jeni faster than to me, but that isn't a problem. She likes to explore when no one is looking, and she has started sitting on the couch with Jeni when she is watching a movie or something.

Most of the time she is a puddle, or that is what we like to call her. It is a good thing, she looks like a melting creamsicle when she lays down. She loves going for walks, it is practically the only time she will come up to you to be put on a leash."

Time heals. Thank you Sam and Jeni for giving your girl the time she needs to overcome her fears and the space to grow in safety.


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