The world of Borzoi is so much less today, April 19, 2015, because we are without the Grand Dame we all knew and loved, Nadine Johnson, Rising Star Borzoi.  Nadine was friend to all she meet and her beautiful, sound, sweet Borzoi graced so many lives and are found in most pedigrees across the country. 

Nadine was beautiful in body, spirit and heart.  She was the essence of everything Borzoi.  She graced so many lives and her influence in Borzoi is unmatched in her lifetime.  Nadine was never too busy to answer any question or welcome a newcomer to our breed or mentor a new puppy owner.   

She was also there for any Borzoi in need.  Nadine once drove 300 miles, one way to rescue a Borzoi out of a shelter only to find out when she got there, the dog was not even a Borzoi.  Whenever rescue called for help, Nadine answered that call.  She kept and loved two NBRF Borzoi and after the passing of her last rescue, called to let us know there was room for yet another in her home and heart.  What a BIG heart that was!

Nadine's accomplishments in Borzoi are truly monumental but what I will remember most about her is her grace and her love for this amazing breed.  The woman was truly amazing, showing her own dogs well into her 80s even after two hip replacements.  Her Borzoi never missed a step or put a foot down wrong.  They floated around the ring and never took their eyes off their beloved mistress.  It was obvious to all, her Borzoi adored her.  It was always a joy to watch. 

All who knew Nadine loved her.  We are all so much more for having had her in our lives and hearts yet we are so much less without her now.  I know she is where her dogs are now and they have all greeted her with overwhelming joy.  What an joyous meeting that must have been. 

Thank you Nadine for the beauty, grace and love you have brought to so many of our lives.  We all miss you more than we can say but, we will never forget you.

Nadine Anne Johnson

November 6, 1922 - April 19. 2015



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Happy Anniversary to Louie!
August 17, 2014

  Hello, Carol and Dee,

Just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU (that's four thank-you's, one for each year) as Louie and I celebrate our fourth anniversary together. 

It was August 17, 2010 that I first welcomed him -- soaking wet in the rain at a gas station south of Nashville -- and life for both of us became so much better than we could ever have imagined.  =)
As Louie ages -- he might be as old as 12 now -- his pace has slowed a bit, but his health is good and his enjoyment of life is still whole-hearted.  Trips to the beach, to an SCCA ProSolo event, and to a fundraiser dogwalk in Milwaukee have all been part of his summer adventures, along with backyard camping and a whole lot of sitting in the flowers and looking very, very happy.  

Louie still likes to walk several hours a day, although maybe two-thirds of that now is walking and the other third involves stretching out on a cool lawn and either watching the goings-on or asking for (and getting!) pats and rubs until he says to continue the walk.  When we walk through one recreational area in particular, Louie attracts a flotilla of Corgis, Pugs, and other small friendly dogs.  Louie is the smaller dogs' "chaperone" through the coyote zone!  Closer to home, he plays with his two big pals, Juneau the giant Alaskan malamute and Hunter the husky At any rate, Louie remains the love of my life, and he's with me thanks to each of you -- Carol, Dee and Greg, Chiaki, and Greyhound Amy -- and your extraordinary efforts.  I love this boy with all my heart, and I am so deeply grateful for the chance to share life with my wonderful Louie. 

I'm sending a couple of pictures that could maybe go on the "Ivan" page on the "Adoption Success Stories" webpage, if possible!

Love and gratitude,



It is with a very heavy heart that I announce the passing of Barbara Michalick's handsome  male rescue Hummer.  Hummer was pretty much The Man of the House and Barbara's rock.  He is littermate to her lovely Chevelle.  Hummer has always been the picture of health and was her companion for outings as he was such a happy, social Big Boy.  He was only 7 years and 10 months old.  Far too young.  Hummer had an undiagnosed heart condition and it took him suddenly. 

We all share Barbara's sorrow at the loss of this exceptional Borzoi who came to her as a rescue but won her heart to become her Champion.

Carol Backers



Febrauary of 2014 Valentine Home Tour 

NBRF is honored to be one of the recipients of this fund-raiser put on by Carla Hanson & Clif Hall.  If anyone is close enough to attend, this is sure to be an event you will not soon forget and it also benefits two very good causes.  Clif & Carls currently have two NBRF Borzoi






Canine Cancer Research


The Canine Health Foundations has several ongoing cancer research studies - all different types of cancer.

They are always looking for participants. This could be in many different ways. Some of the studies want the tumors from the dogs, other's want the dogs to participate in a treatment or therapy protocol. We ask that any of the owners of these borzoi who have been diagnosed with cancer consider some form of participation in these studies?

Samples Needed for Canine Melanoma Research!

The first one is a repository for cancerous tumors for researchers to have at their disposal to support current or future research studies. This was an initiative started by the "Canine Hereditary Cancer Consortium" as a method for scientists around the country to be able to have a central access point for research samples and also a method for sharing findings. Truly a huge step forward for the research community. There is a specific protocol for removal and submission of these tumors and here's the link that will provide more information about all of this:

The second part is the actual research studies. Most of these are looking for blood samples for these studies. From the above link, on the right hand side, you can see the different types of cancer listed. If you select any of these, it will provide you with information about the research studies and who to contact for more information or to inquire about participating.

In addition to this, is the Broad Institute's website that also provides information on the studies being conducted and how to submit samples. It's very well done and provide good information as well as a phone number to call if anyone has more questions.

For other possible research studies or to submit tumors to the CHF Tumor Consortium Cancer Bank - please contact the Canine Health Foundation directly at the contact information listed in the attached note. Thanks so much for any help these dogs might be able to provide!!!!