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Ramadi's Nefertari II or more fondly known as "Neshka" was the mother to all and at the same time she would always show her "DIVA" style with great class too. Neshka came to me at one of the lowest points in my life after my husband, Gary had recently passed and my life changed for the better and has never had a dull moment since. Neshka shared everything with me throughout the past 12 years with from walking with the poise and class of the Borzoi to showing all those dogs around town just who could run the fastest with speed as well as grace and accuracy. Neshka openly welcomed "Domi" her half-sister to our home. She fondly became known as the "dog police" at the dog park when they would get to aggressive with her little sister Domi. It was enlightening to watch them bond, become dependent, and energize each other. Even more so in the past year, as Neshka began to slow down, the roles reversed and Domi became the lead who actually helped Neshka overcome some of her initial setbacks from her stoke and taught Neshka to sit up like Domi would do while waiting for me to get into the house. The first time I came home and both were sitting up together like book ends is a sight I will never forget. It was the turning point of recovery for Neshka and Domi was proud of it. Neshka continued to recover and had some good times despite the fluid around her heart until recently developing a mass around her spleen. I still believe today that Neshka's will to live was strengthened by the bond she had developed with Domi during her recovery as well as from all those who offered her care and support. Domi and Neshka were inseparable over the past year and watching that transition has taught me a lot over that year too. I will always remember Neshka's way of wrapping herself around my legs so I couldn't move to let me know just how much she cared and second only to how she would bury her nose in your side or armpit to snuggle. She was unique, however, aren't we all. For all the kids who grew up around her they called her "Squishka" because she was so lovable and how she liked to squish between them when they were around. Neshka was my rock as well as my life line to many memorable and happy moments for myself as well as for Domi and she will forever be remembered by all. We all miss her every day and look forward to someday seeing Neshka, our Diva & our rock, again on "Rainbow Bridge."

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