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Nadia Joline

May 5th, 2020........A very sad day for us yesterday as we lost our NBRF rescue, Nadia. Such a sweet girl, we often said she has more friends than we do. Always when out on walks, she worked to greet every stranger she met with eager anticipation of a new best friend. We have had other Borzoi, but Nadia created a connection with us that made saying goodbye so utterly difficult, the hurt is deep. Thanks to Dr Lou Avant (sorry if I misspelled), the vet where we picked her up in Atlanta 12 years ago, and the NBRF for making these special years of tail wags and smiles possible. We could always hear her thumping tail on the floor when we arrived home after being out. We'll miss that and quite a bit more. Just turned 13, rest in peace sweet Nadia.

-Michael Joline

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