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Myka was definitely a special boy!!
When he joined our family on 11/9/2013 he was this skinny frail boy afraid of his own shadow.
But had the sweetest eyes captivating everyone that met him.
He had my heart at first sight and so it began…..
He wasn’t the healthiest when he joined us.
I noticed the hair around his butt area had turned brown from licking.
Myka was also recovering from having surgery on a broken leg so we figured he needed time to overall heal and get comfortable in his new home.
Turned out that Myka was suffering from a bad case of Fistula; it got to a point were he didn’t wan to eat and I remember saying to him “Myka you chose the wrong house if you think you came here just to give up!!!”
With lots of persistence, determination and love and with an awesome Vet we were able give Myka
the correct medication along with the right dose of autoimmune suppressants and within in a year we were able to weaning him off the meds and Fistula was something of the past.
He didn’t interact with my other Borzois (Tally and Monroe), and we all respected that !!!!
But Myka loved his one on one walks with me; I remember he would wait until I returned from walking my other “kids” (Tally and Monroe) and he would get up from his pillow waging his tail
and waiting by the back door as if to say it’s my turn now. He would always lean on the side of my leg while on our walks for that extra security and I would say to him it’s “OK My Myka don’t you worry I am here.”
Even though Myka was three (3) when he came to us; he continue to grow taller and weight 105lbs.
Unfortunately Myka fell and broke his front leg back in January of 2019; I didn’t think he was strong enough at the age of 11 to undergo surgery so we placed his leg in a soft cast hoping that his bone would mend.
I would take him every two weeks for the cast to be replaced and had a home nurse come to the house for electrotherapy but unfortunately nothing seemed to work and Myka was getting weaker on his legs and start to experience pain.
June 9, 2021 I made the difficult decision to say goodbye to Myka with the hope that he will cross over the Rainbow Bridge and finally be able to run free with Tally and Monroe with the confidence he lacked while on this earth knowing he was loved.
Miss my “original three” every day but so grateful for the experience and so thankful to the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation to have given me the honor to adopt my new generation of Borzois Zlata and Uzor because Life is so much sweeter with a Borzoi !!!!! Anna Thoma

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