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How do I begin to write anything about Rena? I can say she stole my heart the first time I saw her. She was found as a stray in a town east of Phoenix, AZ. No collar. No tags. No microchip. She had recently had a litter. She had multiple litters. Was she a good Mom? I would think so. Her age--only a guess. 4? 7? 10? She came home with me and thus began a happy 20 days for both of us. She was cautious at first but after a couple of days seemed to realize this was home. She would follow me around. If I didn't pet her she would bat at my leg until I did--once hitting me in the back of my knee and almost making me fall over. Her joy at a simple bowl of dog food was a sight to see. Jumping around and running to her ex pen in joyful anticipation. She would eat every piece of food and lick the bowl clean and not drop one piece on the floor! What had she been fed? Was it ever enough? She only weighed 65 pounds and that seemed like mostly bones. She had a neck issue and recovered from that. What caused it? Ran into something? Hit by something? Her behavior was excellent. She would walk on a leash. She would jump in to my van and go right in a crate and lay down. Was she used to traveling? I can't imagine she was ever shown; her conformation was not that great. She was housebroken but not used to a dog door. She was getting used to being around my other dogs and they were getting used to her. In the end she had a neurological problem that wasn't able to be fixed. Was it related to the neck issue? She went to the bridge on March 27th. I would like to think that I gave her some of the best 20 days of her life. Her ashes will be in a favorite spot in my home just like every other Borzoi I have had and lost and she will always be in my heart. Rest peacefully, Rena Rena.

Toni Paskey
Tominot Borzoi
Phoenix, AZ

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