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Red Baron

Good Bye Red Baron
Baron came to us in 2009 at the age of 4-1/2, a very handsome boy. Life before rescue was not good. He did not know how to live/play with others at first. Baron had no idea what treats or toys were for. He learned quickly and fell in love with "soft" beds.

As a "daddy's boy" Baron loved Keith from the start. The only thing Baron loved more was mealtime. He danced with excitement for meals and when Keith was coming home from work. He had that look of pure adoration when he looked at Keith.

Baron learned quickly that he had to share the house with other dogs. He respected Abby the Great Pyrenees and played with Colonel Cooper the Saint Bernard. He had no patience for Tessa, our blind Borzoi who occasionally bumped into him.

"Bear" loved to run and played Tug and catch me with Cooper in the yard. They took turns chasing each other and Bear would play keep away with the tug. Cooper learned to "hide" behind trees because Baron could always catch him while running.

We loved Baron. Though he was only with us for five years it seemed like he was always a part of our lives. We miss him dearly. Thank you for letting him touch our lives.

Norma & Keith Miller

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