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Mr. Bingley aka Rufus

This was my adoption profile: I am Rufus and as you can see I am a very handsome boy, how can you resist my beautiful red curly locks? I am a fan of people, other borzoi and other large dogs and of course my brother Aris, I don’t know about small dogs and cats as I have never seen them. I am not exactly sure how old I am – who cares - age is just a number, but I guess somewhere between 2-4. I will be arriving in Chicago, with my brother Aris, and Aman this week from Warsaw and like Aman I would like a home with a large yard with a 6 foot fence and a large dog to play with. I am hoping that it could be my brother Aris – we can be split up, but it would be so nice if we could stay together. I really like people and can’t wait to have some of my very own. I will be fostered in Illinois and will be available as soon as I recover from my neuter (whatever that is) They said it was going to be a big surprise!

This is my brother Altair who gave meme confidence and has sadly passed away. Then I was alone for awhile and mom made me wear silly hats
Now I have a new girlfriend Brighton and life is good
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