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Buck McKee

Buck and Luke came to us from the Northern CA Borzoi Rescue and were members of the Thurston group from Olympia, Washington. We originally talked about just adopting Buck but we were advised that he was very attached to his brother Luke, and would we consider adopting both? We had had 2 Borzois before and know how much they enjoy a buddy. They were three years old when we got them and had been living a pretty tough life on the streets. Both were thin and quite shy, although Buck was quick to adapt and became more outgoing than Luke who was always a bit more reserved. We were advised they may not be good with children or smaller animals. We have grandchildren who visit occasionally and we warned them to not even pet the dogs unless we were right there. But they were always sweet and well behaved with the children and liked to be around them. We kept our two cats behind 2 sets of gates, however, as both dogs had a very high prey drive. They were less interested in them the longer they were here. We enjoyed our short five and a half years with Buck and Luke very much. Sadly, Buck passed away in his sleep one night, totally unexpectedly. Luke began experiencing ataxia in his hind end. We took him to several vets, but in the end, he was euthanized here at home. They are together again and we'll see them at the bridge one day. They were both such loving, sweet dogs, we miss them every day. Robin McKee

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