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It is with pain so deep and painful, that I tell you Sweet, Beloved Keeshka passed away last night. She left with the utter most dignity and calm and over all peacefulness that was her true nature. I am so lost without her and grieving just doesn't describe it.

I thank you for making it possible that She was in my life for these past 5 amazing years. She has been my dearest and most loyal, dependable friend and I miss her more than I knew possible. Her calm, even in her deepest scary place (she had a frightfulness within when things around her moved quickly or behind her, understandably so with her past abusive history) and her peaceful way always won. She, to me was the essence of Peace Personified. She will always hold that space for me and I hope I can reclaim her example for my own walk in this life.

Again, thank you for your love of Borzois' and giving me the opportunity of a life time to share my life with one so very precious in every way.

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