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Cosmo Baxter

Jill Baxter updated us on Cosmo:

Cosmo was my first borzoi from NBRF. He came in the summer of 2009 and we had him for about 4-1/2 short years. He was an affectionate, kind and serious guy. His nickname was Bunny, inspired by the way he held his white ears whenever something attracted his attention. He is still missed. Cosmo's original "available rescue" posting:

Connecticut owner has lost his job and now is in foreclosure on their home.

The white and red spotted Cosmo is 7 years young. He is neutered, gets along with cats and other dogs.

Cosmo is very outgoing and is house and crate trained.

If you have room in your home and heart for a somewhat Older Gentlemen Borzoi, please contact Liz Duncan-Burge. You may fill out our adoption application and email it to Liz or her mailing address is on the bottom of the form.

With the difficult foreclosure situation the owners have trusted NBRF to find a home for them that will love and care for them. We have no doubt there is that special, loving home just waiting to welcome Cosmo into their lives and hearts.

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