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Zeke has found a forever home

Zeke is an almost 2 years old, happy, healthy big puppy.  His previous owner did have a cat and a 2 year old baby.  They say he is fine with both but it is not something we have seen ourselves, or have a way/access to test him with, so children and cats may be okay with caution.  Zeke loves to be with people 24/7.  He will follow you around the house and likes to put his nose into anything you are doing.

His foster home has a doggy door and still being a pupy, he will help himself to cushions, rugs and anything he can sneak out and through the doggy door.  This is also something his new home would need to keep working on.  He has improved a lot but still has a way to go.  We strongly recommend crating at night and when no one is home.

His ideal family will be a home with sighthound experience and will enjoy life with a youngster.  We would prefer a home where someone is home most of the time.  Zeke came from a home where he was crated almost all the time so that is not something we want for him.  Responsible children are okay and possibly an indoor cat with caution always.  He is being fostered in Oklahoma with another Borzoi, Saint Bernard and a Bulldog.  We have learned that Zeke strongly reacts to any dog that is at all in appearance like a Pit Bull and that includes Labs or similar mixes.  So we believe Zeke would do best in a home as either an only dog or with an other Borzoi.

If you have room in your heart and home, please fill our our application on our website and email to