Small animal safe:

NBRF-I is going to be bringing two male Borzoi to the US from Russia. We are looking for foster homes as well as forever homes.
Both boys do well with other female Borzoi and likely large female dogs but not males. They are good with people.

Meet Yasny (means Clear in Russian ), Male, 2 1/2 years. He lived on a chain for over a year and suffered some health problems but is fine now. Consequently, Yasny is frightened of loud noises and learge machines and horses. Of the two below, he is the one that is lighter in color and has the full saddle.

Both Boys will be arriving either in NY or DC depending of where the foster homes are.

If you are interested in either fostering one of these boys or adopting either of them, please email Carol Backers Or fill out our adoption application and email to Carol Backers. Only experienced sighthound homes with secure fencing will be considered.