Willow has found a forever home

Willow is a 2 to 3 year old spayed female who is heart worm negative, current on all vaccinations and is microchipped.  Willow is a very playful and fun borzoi and loves to be petted and loved on.  She walks great on leash!  She gets along well with other borzoi but it is unknown if she is small dog or cat safe. 

Willow is from Pickle Hill.

This very sweet girl is looking for a home with a soft bed, warm heart, kind hands and lots of love.  If you are interested in adopting Willow, please fill out our adoption application and email it to Carol Backers at  cbackers.nbrf@gmail.com

Update from foster home Megan Anderson:
I wanted to say how much fun it's been over the last weekend to have Willow at my house.  I've never fostered a Borzoi for rescue before, and while I know I can't keep her, (since I want another show pup in a few years and only have so much room ;)) it sure has been neat to have her around. Such a tiny little mite she is! I'm used to having such big fellas around, and she's about the size of my GSD bitch, and I'm sure doesn't weigh as much!

But boy, is she a smartie! Second day in and she had the routine down. When you are in the yard and the back door opens, run into the house as fast as lightning, just like all the other dogs do! If you wanna get your dinner, fly in your crate at warp speed. And at first, she didn't know what to do with the toys, but figured that out right quick. I've caught her "sneaking" them into her crate. I'm sure that in a few days she will realize that such subterfuge isn't necessary. She thinks that the visiting American Foxhound and Parson Russell are fabulous, the other 2 Borzoi are wonderful and the Border Terrier is more fun than a barrel of monkeys! She's not too sure about that GSD yet, those pointy ears are mighty concerning. One encounter with the FBC (fat black cat) taught her that while they might LOOK like they'd be tasty and fun to eat, inside the house at least they have pointy things on the end of their feet and get bigger when you approach them. (Also, foster mom gets real testy if you seem too interested).

The funny thing is, unlike my pigs, she has zero interest in human food! Gave her a piece of bread and she just left it, not for long, since someone else hoovered it up. Now a dog treat, she'll snarf quickly, but never from my hand, always from the floor. We'll work on that though. Also, grooming. She sees no use for that. Why do those boys stand and let the human brush them? Useless stuff, she thinks. Ran a brush through her tail and she zoomed into her crate! We'll work on that...

And what a sweetie, so gentle coming up to people, with a little wag and nose nudge! All this since last Friday....she's going to make someone a fabulous house dog, I just know it! I hope that the others all get foster homes, or permanent homes soon, since I'm sure they are all just as great as she is!

And a few days later.....

Willow has decided she completely approves of snow. The first day, she didn't want to go out into that white stuff. Now she shoves everyone out the door to get into it. When she comes back in the house she races around and stomps her front feet at everyone with her rear end in the air, trying to get SOMEONE to play with her! Usually, Fitzroy the Border obliges her readily. Too funny, I have to get it on video! She spent the morning throwing a destuffed bear into the big Borzoi's face to get him to play...Finnian was baffled. I'm sure he'll figure it out eventually...

She is also a spin around three times really fast then hurl yourself to the ground and lay like a dead fish (except wag your tail on the floor) kinda dog.

oh, and she also responds to the name Kitten. Maybe she had a past life as a stripper ;)

Update from Foster Mom on December 20, 2010:
Wanted to let you know that Willow went to the Cleveland shows with us this past weekend and did rather well for never having been to anything like that before. She went into the building (the IX center, big, noisy, filled with people, dogs, crates, clanging, banging, echoing etc.) and at first was shaking like a leaf, but as soon as her good friend Camilla the American Foxhound went in, she followed right behind! She seemed to realize that if Camilla wasn't afraid, then it must be ok. We went up to the Borzoi ring, and met other Borzois which seemed pretty cool to her, and she was very good meeting other "two leggers" too. She was panting a bit, but let people pet her and didn't seem overwhelmed. We stayed in for about 45 minutes, and then went back out and got a drink and hung out for the rest of the day with Camilla in the truck until groups, then went to the hotel. She will potty on a flexi and figured out how to jump back into the crate by the end of the trip (which was a good thing, because frankly, I was over picking her up...). Jumping out was never an issue. I kind of got the feeling that she was waiting to see who she was going home with though, and she was pretty happy to get home and out to race in the yard with her "pack". I thought this showed that when you get down to it, she's a pretty adaptable girl.
She really does well with terrier sized dogs, (I don't have any toys to expose her to) and showed absolutely no reaction to my 15 month old niece (very closely supervised, of course, with Violet squealing "Woof woof woof!" like she does to all of my dogs). She also has had several interactions with my 15 lb cat with no true "prey drive" instances. She pokes him with her snout and sniffs him, but after a nice nose swiping from him she backed off IMMEDIATELY! I have never seen him back down and run, so I don't know what she would do in that situation though. She does chase the terriers, but only in play, never to grab and shake.
Just thought I'd send you an update, in case anyone inquires about how she is with little animals, or wee tots. We are going to have a 5 yr old visit soon, who is very used to big dogs (they have a Weim) so I'll let you know how she does there. When strangers come in she generally retreats to her crate and watches. After a few visits though, she will come out and investigate. She just obviously never had very much human interaction as a youngster. She is starting to take food from my hand, and has a yen for Triscuits! She has a wild side and when I come home, or when she comes in from playing in the yard she jumps all over me and kisses me! She does the "hop hops" when she's happy and has a bubbly side that really wants to come out, she just isn't quite sure yet. (oh, and yes, she'll jump on the couch when she wants to visit me) Feeding her Triscuits and letting her jump on the furniture, I'm teaching her wonderful habits....aren't you glad you let me be a foster home? She doesn't pull on a leash, but is learning to walk on one side, not this side...then that side, then a dead stop!
"Good girl!" means very little to her, which is very sad to me......


July 2011 Update:  Willow is doing wonderful in her new home with Lois Kloetzig and Bill Thompson and their greyhounds.