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**Update on Russian Boys**
We have learned that Valday is actually living happily in his foster home with other male dogs and cats. So, this handsome 4 year old will be fine with other male Borzoi as well as other large male dogs. Of course females dogs are not a problem and we already knew he is good with cats. His foster home has horses and she takes him to the barns with her. Valday is very friendly and social with all the people he gets to meet there and happily interacts with everyone he meets. Valday will be arriving in DC on Feb. 20th and we are looking for his home now so he can go directly there after he is neutered. If you are interested in Valday, please fill out an adoption applcation at and email to

Or if you already have an application on file, please let us know you are interested in adopting Valday by emailing

NBRF-I is going to be bringing two male Borzoi to the US from Russia. We are looking for foster homes as well as forever homes.
Both boys do well with other female Borzoi and likely large female dogs but not males. They are good with people.
Meet Valday.  Best as they can tell from looking at his teeth, he is 4 years old. This boy is OK with cats in the house but not outside. He was fine with other males until moved into a small apartment. So, to be on the safe side, other female dogs only. This boy is a little darker in color and a broken saddle.

Both Boys will be arriving either in NY or DC depending of where the foster homes are.

If you are interested in either fostering one of these boys or adopting either of them, please email Carol Backers Or fill out our adoption application and email to Carol Backers. Only experienced sighthound homes with secure fencing will be considered.