Child safe:
Small animal safe:


"Solar is a trip - full of personality and yours better be stronger than hers! OK with males but tough on other girls - no small critters at all - nothing she perceives as weaker than herself. This is one smart, pushy cookie. SHe does know some obedience. She likes it when she has a job. She has to go to a home that will make her mind or she will take over. She is initially shy with strangers (no kids either) but is such a fun dog when she gets to know you."

UPDATE: Tiri is likely 5 years old. She is a tall girl and smart as a whip as well as being lovely. She knows basic obedience and has a real sense of humor. Tiri figures things out very quickly and would likely be a good obedience dog. She will need a home with no cats and maybe only one other dog of the opposite sex, no young children and a home that knows and understands Borzoi.