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Who else is lucky enough to have their sibling as their best friend?  We are Thyme and Teona 3 ½ year old brother and sister who are each other’s bestie. 

We can’t imagine life without each other, and don’t want to have to try.  We are looking for someone that has room in their heart and pack (or we could be a starter pack) for both of us.  We don’t take up too much space – for Borzoi we are on the smaller side, more like silkens.  Thyme is only 57 lbs and I (Teona) weighs 42 lbs – so we really only take up the space the same as a large male, but you will have twice the love, and we really, really love to snuggle.  In fact one of our favorite things to do is lie on the sofa and watch our shows.  I love to watch TV and really get into it.  We like both men and women, we haven’t met any young children, but we loved the 10 year old we met.   We have been fine with  all the medium to large dogs we have met,  but we aren’t sure how we would feel about small dogs or cats so to be on the safe side let’s say no.  We are housebroken – Thyme barks when he has to go out, I think that is a bit rude, but I will let you know when it is time.  We are currently living in Pennsylvania and ready for our new home.  If you have already submitted an application to NBRF, please send an email, SharonNBRF@gmail, and/or know and to let them know that you are interested in us.  If you haven’t sent in an application, what are you waiting for???