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(January 11, 2005) The Houston SPCA won their case in court yesterday and the breeder/owner of the 22 Borzoi seized from Liberty County, TX lost custody of the dogs. The SPCA has agreed to let NBRF have all 22 of the dogs. All the dogs will be spayed or neutered before they are released to us by the shelter. They all tested heart worm negative and have already gotten their vaccinations. They will start surgeries on them next week doing 5 or so dogs at a time and that is how they will be released to us. They will be kept at the shelter for two days after their surgeries.

The SPCA asked only for donations to cover the costs on the dogs. If you can spare even $5.00 please send any donation to:

The Houston SPCA
900 Port Way Drive
Houston, TX 77024

Please be sure to write on your check that it is for the Borzoi. I know any donation you are able to make and even just a Thank You note will be greatly appreciated. This shelter has spent a LOT of their money on these dogs and the investigation that went into getting them. The medical for all of them did not come cheap either. Please let them know the Borzoi community cares about their dogs. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting one of these Borzoi, please email me or better yet, fill out our adoption application and email it to me. Please state in the subject line of the email it is for one of the TX 22.