Foster location:
Hubbard OH

Brutus is the only one of the kids still available.

Please meet "The Kids".  They are around 10 months old and are now looking for their forever homes.  Their owner/breeder died unexpectedly in CA.  Edna Hanley paid to have them brought to her in Hubbard, OH where she is doing her best to get them socialized and ready to move on to their homes.  They are coming along well and with patience, love and a gentle hand, they are ready to move on.  These "Kids" will require a home that is Borzoi savvy and very patient with secure fencing.  They are not for the first time Borzoi owner.
If you have the love, time and patience as well as knowledge of Borzoi and are willing to listen to the advice of Edna on how best to handle their "Kids" please  email or mail your adoption application to Carol Backers at