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Tasha has found a forever home!
Meet Tasha. (Possible Special Needs). Tasha (approx 5 years old and spayed) was brought into the Pipestone Vet Clinic of Iowa after being hit by a car.  She had no broken bones but had several cuts and abrasions.  She has a scar on her head.  No one ever claimed her so she stayed at the Vet clinic until they contacted NBRF three months later.  Tasha was not micro chipped and has no tattoo.  She is now being fostered by Cindy Fuessel in Cedar Rapids, IA. Tasha is  very sweet Borzoi, gets along with other dogs and the clinic tells she just ignored the cats there.  We were told she has house training issues because they did not have a fenced area for her to potty in off lead and she just refused to do "her thing" on lead.  Cindy reports she is getting much better at house manners except for stealing the pot of cooked liver!  She is VERY thin but has gained 5 pounds with Cindy so far and except for being hungry, she is very sweet and loving.  Tasha gets along with Cindy's other dogs with no problems and likes people.

We are listing Tasha  Possible Special Needs because after being with Cindy she had a seizure.  She has not had another since and the vet clinic says she did not have any seizures while there.  We have checked with our Vets and there is no test for epilepsy. It is possible the seizure was caused by a head injury when she was hit by the car and that she may never have another one or, she may be epileptic and have more seizures down the road, we just don't know.  Epilepsy is easily controlled with medication and it is not expensive but even with medication, dogs still do have a seizure from time to time.

We are looking for a special home for Tasha who understands that she may have medical needs and is willing to look past those possible problems and see the wonderful, sweet Girl she is. It is our sincere hope she never has another seizure and it was only a one time incident but we just can't be sure.  If you think you have room in your home and heart for our Tasha, please contact Carol Backers  You may fill out our adoption application on this page and email it to Carol.