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FOSTER MOM gave us an UPDATE on July 17, 2014:

Just look at this Handsome Dude!! Wait, it gets better. He SMILES and plays with toys!!! And he's only 4 years old! Perfect age. Over the puppy crazies, house trained and a real lover too!! Now what's NOT to love about Sydney?? Believe it or not, he is still looking for his forever home.  Sydney gets along well with other large and medium sized dogs. Cats we are not sure about! Syd is currently in the Atlanta, GA areaand we are looking for a home that does not have the need or desire to take him for walks & is preferably within a reasonable driving distance unless you can make arrangements for transportation. He is perfectly happy to play in a fenced yard!


Sydney is an NBRF Borzoi that needs to be re-homed.  He's 4 years old.  What she doesn't mention is he's good with kids and actually is good with other dogs too.  It's  just when she walks  him that he is aggressive with other dogs. She has to surrender him because her mother is ill and she has to relocate to take care of her mother and she can not bring him with her.  She lives in the Atlanta, GA area.  He does not do cats but kids OK.

NOTE THAT THE REASON SYDNEY IS SHAVED IS BECAUSE THE PREVIOUS OWNER HAS ALLERGIES, NOT because anything is wrong with Sydney!!  He will carry a heavy lush coat when it is given the chance to grow out! 

My "ne ne" is very affectionate and loving. Likes to sit in my lap. Yes I said lap.  He's a good eater. He likes to chew on raw hide in the evening. Always have something for him to chew.

Sydney barks at dogs and other animals on tv. He likes to look out the Window and bark if he sees a dog.  When walking, he's very good until he sees another dog.  Sydney had a bad experience with a small Poodle running up and barking at us and since then he is aggressive to other dogs when walking but is good with other dogs in his or someone else's home.  I think he thinks he has to protect me. He enjoys playing and running with other large dogs.  No cats or small dogs  He also likes children.

Sydney sleeps in my bed. He likes to put his head on my pillow and hold me with his paw. He uses his dew claw to hold on to me. So sweet. He uses a dog door now and that's working well. He will sit outside and watch what's going on. He's a little afraid of storms but is fine with some reassurance. He talks by biting his teeth together. He says "chop chop" if he wants me to hurry. So funny.

He doesn't like loud noises or vacuums.  He likes to go for rides in the car but don't leave him alone in the car for more than a few minutes. He has chewed the seat belts, left teeth marks on the dash and ate the weather stripping off the rear window. He hates being left in the car.  If you are traveling with him and have to leave him in the car for any time, I suggest crating him.  Sydney is shaved down because I suddenly have allergies and the doctor said it would help.  My mother is ill and I need to relocate to care for her and dogs are not allowed.  So I find I must part with my sweet Boy.

If you have room in your home and heart for this sweet Borzoi Boy,
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4yo M SYDNEY (AVAILABLE) UPDATE:  From Dr. Lou Avant:  Syd's evaluation period is proceeding quite nicely ... AWESOME dog!!! Perfect gentleman in the house, knows how to use a dog door, and was able to jump in and run with my pack the first day without incidence ... even the nutty Cattle Dog
Health wise - he's in great shape. Got him caught up on all his vaccinations today. Walked into the clinic and came nose to nose with a little Cocker and just said hello!! He even met a cat and just walked away when it hit/swatted at him - not sure I can recommend him for a cat home though since this was a pretty artificial test.
His 'issues' seem to mostly be training issues - as in he's never had any. Pretty decent separation anxiety sets in rather quickly. As a result he can't be crated or let left unattended in a car for any length of time without becoming destructive. I think this can be overcome with some time and training. His biggest issue is the desire to pounce on/bark at dogs while on a hike or walk around the block. No signs of dog aggression ... he seems to just REALLY enjoy the 'attack'. He responded quite well to correction so I believe he'll do fantastic in an experienced home with a strong hand. He's very fit - great stamina - was able to handle 5-1/2 miles in the heat quite nicely. He's ready to go when we find him his forever home!!
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