Small animal safe:
small dogs yes, cats NO

Stephen has found a forever home

2yo M, Stephan, in DALLAS, TX area: We are getting a lovely, handsome 2 year old, bluish grey spots on white, neutered male in the Dallas, TX area. This boy is interesting in that he loves small dogs! Go figure... but cats are a NO GO! He gets along fine with any female dog regardless of size but other large male dogs not so much. So, we are looking for a home for him with small dogs or female sighthound/s or other large breed would also be good. He of course requires a securely fenced yard or area. We are hoping to find a home for him where there is someone home most of the time, so he will not have to be crated every day for 8 or so hours. Although he is crate trained, he is used to plenty of exercise. We do not think this boy would be happy as an only dog, so please take that into consideration.

If you have room in your home and heart for an active 2 year old, please fill out our adoption application (below link) & either email or mail it to Carol Backers at