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Hi Auntie Carol!, Spike Here.

I know I haven't sent you a note in a while but I've been real busy.

Dad has been taking me to do the most fun thing EVER!  We have been going Lure Coursing.  It is great….I get to run with other dogs and then I get a new stuffed toy for doing it! What a great way to spend a Saturday!

They have been giving Dad theses neat purple & gold and red & white fancy ribbons too, though I don't know why…all he does is dress me in these colored jumpers and drive the car.

We have been 4 times and Dad says I have won Best of Breed 4 times and Best in Field the 2 times I ran against the other breeds.  I could have told him I was best of breed and the best on any field if he had just asked me about my magnificence.

He also says I have my AKC Lure Coursing Championship title now.

Running with the Whippet for Best in Field was fun but the Rhodesian Ridgeback tried to cheat and get ahead but skipping part of the course.  I had to show her why I am best in field and shift into high gear….I made her eat my dust!  I'm not looking at anyone else’s butt when it’s time to catch the bunny!

Dad is including 3 pictures from this weekend to show you what an athlete I have become.  I don't like the twist pic as much but Dad says it shows how athletic I am since I'm doing a turn in mid air.

I'll keep you posted on any more fun adventures!

Thank you for getting me a home here…I love it here in SC with Dad, Deco, Perry & Picasso

Bark at you later!


My Superman impression

Just cruising

Doing the twist.


A Letter From Spike

Hi Auntie Carol & Liz

Spike here.

I'm settling in nicely here in Lancaster, SC.

I'm having lots of fun doing yard patrols with my new big brother Picasso and playing chase with him & Deco.  Sometimes Perry comes out and plays chase with us too.

I love the big yard...I think Dad is getting a little nuts because I come in for 5-10 minutes and then bark at him to go back out again...when he is on the phone is the most fun.  Human training soooooo much fun .

The yard next door is populated with the strangest things...there are these giant chickens at least twice my calls them Emus and these funny looking dogs that eat grass he calls Shetland ponies.  I had a staring contest with one of those through the fences yesterday.  I won of course!

Attached is a shot of me in dad's bed...he woke me up for that and I have an awful case of "bed head"...I may decide I need to go out at 3 AM as payback!

I'll see if I can get dad to take some pictures in the yard that better show my magnificence.

Bark at you later!


Spike has found a forever home

This is Spike. Formally known as Pixie.  Yes we gave him a new macho Boy name!  He is about 13 months old, very sweet but extemely nervous when put in new situations. Spike is cat and small dog safe when in the house, very affectionate, loves to play with his foster home's Borzoi and is very easy to get along with. NEEDS LEASH TRAINING. He is wild on a leash. Previous owner's idea of walking him was to put him on a flexy lead and hang on for dear life. Spike's foster mom is working with him but he is tall and very strong so he needs someone that can deal with that. He is will be neutered next Wed and is now current on all vaccinations and heartworm free. He will make the right home a wonderful dog.

If you have room in your home and heart for Spike, please fill out our adoption application and email it to Carol Backers at