Foster location:
Ash NC
Small animal safe:
safe with birds and chickens

Please meet Snoot and Louise. 

Snoot is the tri colored female.  She is a spayed, 2 year old. Louise is a 7 year spotted white and red sable, spayed female. Both girls are currently in Ash, NC.  They can go together to a new home or be separated.  Snoot is the tomboy and Louise is the Diva.

These ladies get along with other dogs and believe it or not, birds such as chickens and geese.  Amazing!!  So the farm life is already very familiar to them but not required.  They are both completely house trained but Snoot is still in puppy mode.

Sadly, their owner has had a change in circumstances and can not afford to give them everything they need.  She is also having to find homes for her horses. 

Both Snoot and Louise are well loved Girls who have known nothing but love their whole lives.  No baggage here.  It would be great to place them together but, not necessary.  If you have room in  your home and heart for either one or both, Please fill out our adoption application and email or mail it to Carol Backers at