Small animal safe:
Shenandoah has a home!!!
Shenandoah is a 7 or 8 year old male. Storm is his sire.  When we first got him, it seemed he had given up on life.  He barely ate and just seemed to want to be left alone, laying in the sun separate from the rest of his pack.  It took a lot of work, love and encouragement on the part of Jim & Sharon as well as their kennel helpers to turn him around.  But turn around he did.  Now Shando is eating and playful, happy with his new life and feeling much better.  He has decided that life is indeed well worth living and he wants to stick around.
We have more work to do with him and he will be seeing a Vet agin to get to the bottom of his problems.  We know his teeth are a large part of what is wrong with him but we suspect he may also have other health issues.  Before he goes to a home we will find out exactly what all health problems he does have and they will be addressed.