Foster location:
Santa Cruz, CA

SCOOBY - adult male

**News Flash - Scooby has been moved to the Santa Cruz, CA area due to his foster mom injuring herself...NOT Scooby's fault!!  


 Age & Sex: 3-year-old male

 Health:  Healthy.  Current on vaccinations.  Heartworm/Lyme negative.

 Status:  Microchipped & neutered

Terms:  $400 with NBRF Adoption Agreement

Location:  Santa Cruz, CA area 

More photos coming soon!


Scooby is a lovely dog — handsome and sweet. He has a very strong mind, he's smart, and he pays a great deal of attention to everyone and everything around him. He is also tall and very strong!

Because of his former situation, Scooby is emotionally immature and more like the 8-month-old puppies than a 3-year-old adult. He definitely needs and wants to run and play with another Borzoi close to his age.

He is comfortable and gentle with people. He wants affection from them and offers much affection back to them. He trusts people with his body, relaxes when groomed gently, and seems used to close contact. He's a leaner and would climb into your lap if he could!


Scooby has been very easy around the house. He is being fed separately because he is very thin, very hungry, and being fed on a separate schedule. He does not appear to have any food aggression. He is house trained and has had no accidents, though he is taken out frequently throughout the day.


Scooby is quickly learning to walk on lead and respond to some basic words (Wait, Off, Leave It, Gentle). So far he has only been on lead when outside because he is an experienced escaper. After being outside for a while, he begins scouting fence heights, vulnerable spots, gate gap, and so on.

Scooby has had a traumatic experience. He will not be placed in a home where he would be crated, transported in a van (SUVs are OK), street walked, or taken to a dog park or public event of any kind. He is fearful of other breed dogs regardless of their size and demeanor.  He will need strong and sound fencing.


Despite his past, Scooby has an enormous heart and a buoyant spirit he will show you every day. He is a wonderful dog overall.  If you have room in your home and heart for this lovely deserving boy with a securely fenced yard, please fill our out adoption application.


Thank you!


Team Borzoi


Update from his original foster mom:

Scooby will counter surf but typically only goes after things that are "his" food items...not hitngs like vitamin pills, etc.  He is quiet and careful about taking things, and does not jump up - but IS very tall!  He has never tried to dump enclosed garbage cans but will go after kibble containers if they are unlatched.  He is VERY polite in the house.  He likes to play with toys but does not go after slippers, the remote control, or laundry yet to be washed.  He loves to play with squeaky toys and toss them aroung and make them squeak!

Scooby genuinely likes people and will respond fairly quickly to new people, even when in stress.  He was a total gentleman at the vet's office and has met the dog sitter and neighbors. 

He knows the word COOKIE and wants to learn.

Scooby is easy to groom and loves being petted.  He will settle down quickly for a dremel of his nails.

He is still learning leash manners!

Intially Scooby surfed EVERY aspect of my fencing - tops, bottoms, corners, nooks and crannies, gate area and vegitation to find a way out.  He was kept on a lead in the fenced yard for the first 4 days, and then was let off lead in fenced yard with the other dogs in the  home.  If he would be left alone in the yard for periods of time with no person or other dog to entertain him, he would easily go over fencing to get to the other side and take off.  He will need alot of close attention in the beginning at his new forever home.

Scooby PANICS when he feels he is confined in a crate or small room for any period of time, he will do what is necessary to break free and break out.

It is likely that Scooby has been attacked by other dogs, he is quite wary upon meeting any new dog, leaning on his person for security but once he is sure he will not be attacked he does well with the other dog(s).

Scooby will only be adopted out to a home with other dogs of his approximate size.  NO SMALL barking dogs, NO CATS.

Scooby is worth the extra effort in the beginning.... he is a beautiful large boy with alot of love to give.